Our Story


Story of The Auction House

Th Auction House (built in 1765) is located directly across from St. Paul’s Anglican Church (built in 1750), which is the oldest building in Halifax. Over the past 249 years, the house has changed ownership several times. Many of the owners were from the Uniacke Family, including James Boyle Uniacke, who was the first Premier of Nova Scotia. James had two brothers who held various offices in the city, including Speaker of the House of Assembly, Attorney General and also President of the Bank of Nova Scotia.

In the year 1840, Robert D. Clarke founded the original Auction House on the premises. In 1898, Robert’s grandson Melvin S. Clarke, operated a thoroughly functioning Auction House which was considered to be the largest of its kind in the Maritime Provinces.

Now, after several years, and many businesses have come and gone, we are very pleased to welcome you to the AUCTION HOUSE, for future years and traditions….enjoy!!!

All proceeds from the auctions will be given back to a local charity